Do Your Kids Love Books? National Geographic Book Botique

National Geographic Book Boutique

Disclosure: I received the National Geographic books from Moms Meet to review free of charge. However, the opinions expressed here are my own, the links are to the National Geographic Book Boutique site where you can find these products, and the photos I personally took of the books I received. 


     I'm ecstatic that my kids love books! Books are a great teaching tool for children. When we read, I know we're spending quality time together and learning too! There are some books in our house that I have purchased 4 or 5 copies of simply because they get worn out; That's how much we love books! I hope my children's love for reading continues into adulthood and helps them prepare for school, life, and a career they truly enjoy.
     As a Mom, I find that personal time (like reading) comes second to every day chores and my family's needs....Which is why one of my favorite things to do in an office waiting room is page through National Geographic magazines! I love to peruse the amazing photos and articles. When else do I get uninterrupted quiet time? I waited over an hour for my last Doctor's appointment and I really enjoyed the opportunity to relax and read. When the nurse finally called my name she apologized for the wait, and I told her it was the best "me" time I had in months!
     With my love for photos, and appreciation of National Geographic's work, I was excited to learn that National Geographic has a collection of children's books!! I knew the quality would be great, and I wasn't surprised that my boys immediately engaged with them. I had to sneak off in secret to photograph the collection because they just couldn't put them down. I made some collages of some of our favorites! (Some highlights from Just Joking 4 below) The jokes and riddles in Just Joking 4 made me think of my nieces and nephew and know this will make a great stocking stuffer!

     We were at Toys-R-Us yesterday and as my boys shopped for books, I was disappointed with the selection. Many of the books were similar style/topic, ranged from $9.99 - $14.99, and didn't have great quality. It can be so expensive to buy just a few books!
     I was impressed with the reasonable prices for the National Geographic Holiday Book Boutique, valid until 12/31/2013. (click on the link to see for yourself!) National Geographic quality for great prices? We'll take two!
    Okay okay, so no more waiting, I have to show you some of these great publications! (The 4 books pictured below range from $2.79 - $10.49!). The less expensive books (great for shorter attention spans) are thinner and have a soft cover, the hardcover run a bit more and are thicker, and are all great reads!

     My son entered a "why" phase a few months ago. He loves to ask why and is learning so much about his environment! The hardcover Kids First Big Book of Why (pictured below) answers so many "why" questions and provides great kid-friendly information; It's perfect for inquiring minds.
     The question "why does soapy water make bubbles" is answered and mirrored by a "bubble-licious experiment" with instructions to make your own bubbles!! (pg. 42-43) I don't know any kids who aren't ridiculously excited for bubbles, and what a great way for parents to teach and interact with their families! 

     Another one of our favorites is the Everything Pets book. I don't know about your family, but my kids love animals! This article on picking up pets is a great way to explain to children (and possibly some adults) the best way to safely handle pets. In addition, the book contains information on many different types of pets, and would make a great accompaniment to the pet store!
     I think out of all the books, I enjoy the Ultimate Weird but True 2 just as much ad my kids! The article below on the right is all about bugs! It starts off "There are 1.4 billion insects for every 1 human on earth" (p. 64). On page 53 you can see a photo of a six-story Pinata filled with 8,000 pounds of candy!! The book is full of very fun interesting facts and photos that everyone will enjoy!

     Having recently experienced the loss of a beloved pet, I was touched by the book Devoted. It would make a great gift for a friend or family member, coffee table book, or inspirational story collection. I've found every devoted pet story to be just as amazing as the next. Each account is true, and the author does an amazing job of highlighting the bond between humans and dogs. If you're a dog lover, I highly recommend reading this one.

     I hope this gives you an insight into these amazing reads! As our Holiday shopping starts (or continues) the ease of ordering online makes gifting for the entire family less stressful and more enjoyable. You can find the books featured here and more amazing reads at the National Geographic Holiday Book Boutique website HERE . I'd love to hear your thoughts and hope many of you can enjoy these books as much as my family has! Happy Reading!

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Eyad TheUsedCarGuru said...

wonderful blog post!!! You are great at getting me excited for these books. Now I will have to read them when I get home.

Jacky Lane said...

I'm definitely going to look into these for my daughter :)